The team

Our team is made up of mostly young people who share a passion for technology and are able to communicate with each other.

Our goal is to make life easier for our clients and customers. We always try to find a solution that is suitable for the client. Imagine arriving at a rally event in a flashy formula on which you have spent millions of dollars. Yes, it's fast, but for the purposes of winning a rally race, it's completely useless. That's how we try to approach every project. We will always tell you what solution is optimal for you and why it is better to just do something (MVP) at the beginning so that you can find out later what is really important for you.

As a company, we are flexible and recognize a modern management approach. This requires a high level of responsibility from every person who works for us. We try to take as much experience as possible from each project and analyze everything retrospectively. Over the years, we have drawn experience from building the Jíme zdravě e-shop (emphasis on marketing), through the continuous development of a complex real estate system (B2B sector needs and long-term cooperation) to the implementation of the European PSD2 directive for the Twisto company (cooperation with a large corporation) and many others.

In addition, we can also provide optimal solutions for smaller companies such as DirectIT, VOŠSP, Senators' club STAN, Gosmit, and others. You can learn more about our cooperation here.

We like to go for a beer together after work or compete each other's stats in the Strava app.

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