About the project

For Gosmit we have created 3 e-shops. Two for B2C and one focused on B2B clients. Especially on the creation of B2C e-shops Vinsec.cz and Refugeewines.cz we spent a lot of time on product tuning. We wanted to create something more than just another impersonal e-shop with a bunch of bottles, without a deeper understanding of wine. That's why we added a country-by-country breakdown of the wines and profiles of the wineries that have their wines on offer. In the details of some of the products, you can also find online tastings and awards that the brands and wines have won.

The main functions of the e-shop

Web pages

SEO-optimized web pages for precise targeting of the target group of customers.

Analytics tools

The e-shop is connected to Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other marketing tools that allow you to track customer behavior on the site.

Connectivity to delivery services

Connection to Packeta and Messenger shipping options are based on the weight of the shipment or the number of products in one order.



Rodina pocházející z A family from Moldovia, who has lived in the Czech Republic for more than 20 years. Their ancestors are Bulgarians, but their ancestors were involved in winemaking and viticulture more than 200 years ago. They love good wine and have extensive experience in importing Moldovan wines. They have been importing bottled wines since 2001 and bulk wines since 2009.


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