What is a web application?

A web app is software that you can easily run in a web browser on your computer, phone, or tablet. It is completely independent of the user's operating system. Unlike desktop applications, you don't have to install or update anything. Unlike websites, the app is much more complex, it can work with databases, handle complex tasks, let third-party software access it, and much more.
A web application should always automate a process or solve a specific problem.


What processes can a web application handle?

✅ Invoicing and accounting
✅ Reservation systems
✅ Mailing
✅ Connection to ERP
✅ Statement of work
✅ Information for customers (SMS, email)
✅ Assigning tasks
✅ Connection to payment gateways
✅ Creation and automation of offers
✅ Connection to warehouse management
✅ Recording of received customer requests
✅ Automatic notifications (SMS, email, etc.)

The price of a web application or information system is a very individual. It is influenced by several factors such as the scope of the project (application features, number of APIs, etc.), the technology used, or the time it takes to build the project. However, we are able to make an initial offer based on a rough description of the application of a few lines. The exact price is then delivered after a deeper analysis of the project.

Like price, the web app development period is also a very individual, depending on the scope of the project. However, it takes at least 3 to 4 weeks to analyze the solution, which will result in a complete assignment. During this process, it is important to note that every hour spent on the analysis and assignment saves the development team 1MD. It makes a big difference if we find a dead end during analysis or during development.

Yes, we can take over or continue development from another company. However, an initial analysis is important to find out what technologies the project is written in and its overall state. Based on this information, we are able to define the process of taking over the entire project.

Yes, with data migration we can get everything from your old system to the new one. But once the data migration is done, you need to start using the new application.

Yes, your old app will work. We will build the new app independently of the old one on a different domain that you will have access to so you can monitor the progress of the development.

Yes, all codes will be handed over to you once development is complete.

Yes, we create the new system independently of the old solution and deploy all changes to a test server with its own URL. After deploying the new system, however, it is recommended not to work in the old system anymore, otherwise you would have two different databases (old and new system). Moreover, if you want to use the domain on which the old system was running, you would have to transfer the old system to another domain, which is not worth it just because of the unnecessary payment for the second hosting.

Yes, we take care of the projects, either through continuous development or maintenance packages after completion. More about maintenance packages can be found here (only in Czech).

What are the main benefits of a web application?


You can update and "release" a web application several times a day. The latest version is always available to users of the app. This makes the web app more flexible and secure than, for example, desktop or mobile apps.


The web application is accessible from anywhere and at any time. Just own a device with any web browser.


Web applications run on powerful servers that can handle demanding functions much more efficiently. They don't put a strain on your computer or mobile phone.

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