What technologies are at the heart of our projects?


We use a modern, fast, and secure web framework Django.

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A JavaScript framework that effectively combines the complexity of Angular with the straightforwardness of React.

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FastAPI is based on Pydantic and types for authentication, data serialization and deserialization, and automatic generation of OpenAPI documents.

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Software that allows you to run services as containers using virtualization at the operating system level.

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A tool for the complete software development cycle. Provides git repository, wiki, bug tracking, continuous integration (CI/CD), and more.

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A very popular CMS used by Google, BMW, or NASA to manage their websites.

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Elasticsearch is a search and analytics tool that stores data centrally so you can search, index, and analyze data of all shapes and sizes.

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Open-source software that creates a platform for configuration management and computer control. It combines multi-node software deployment, configuration management, and ad hoc task execution.

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How is the company managed?


Thanks to this app, we know exactly how much time we spent on each task and can give clients accurate reports on the progress of the work.

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One of the best project apps we have yet to link with Clockify thanks to a custom script.

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One of the most used business communicators in the world. It's used by Spotify, T-mobile, and the BBC.

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We use Trello to communicate with the client, who can see the progress of the work during development and can interfere with it thanks to the Kanban system.

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How do we take care of your application?


Application for monitoring hosting functionality, SSL certificate expiration, and cluster monitoring. We send outputs from this application to clients with prepaid maintenance packages.


We don't wait for a customer to tell us about a problem. Thanks to the detailed reports that Sentry provides, we are able to diagnose the problem ourselves in a very short time and therefore react to it faster.

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Docker Swarm

High availability (HA) cluster solution for running applications.

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Grafana & Prometheus

Prometheus is a monitoring solution for storing time series data such as metrics. Grafana then allows you to visualize this data.