How is the cooperation with us?

The basis of our cooperation with the client is communication and mutual trust. We will bring experience from our previous projects, our client will bring experience from their field. Thanks to this synergy are created the best products.


Before starting each project we will perform a detailed analysis of the client´s request, so we can determine the size of the project and find out which information we will need from the client before development.

Regular iterations

Regular iterations between the client and us during development are the basis of every successful project. It mainly serves to keep our way to the goal together, identity potential risks and address development agilely.

Long-term cooperation

When project is finished, our cooperation does not have to an end. As a part of maintenance, we will be taking care of the web application even after completion. Further continuous app development is not a problem also.

Continuous communication

In addition to common iterations, we communicate with the client through the application Trello, which uses a simple kanban system, which is quick and easy to learn and use. The advantage is that the client has a virtually continuous overview of the development and can enter it himself through this application. He solves the work process agilely with the project manager. Thanks to this can be development much faster and, above all, more resistant to potential risks, which would slow down the whole project.



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