About the project

We were part of redesigning the entire brand from Fitrecepy.cz to Jimezdrave.cz. The goal of the project was to create an entirely new e-shop with user management and customized web graphics. During the continuous development, we also implemented a lot of marketing features on the e-shop, from system messaging to the possibility of having several product pages for the same product. Then in 2021 we successfully expanded the e-shop to three more European countries. As the brand is very popular, the website has to be prepared for a large influx of customers, especially when launching special offers or before the Christmas holidays. We have worked with the Creatiweb company.

The main functions of the e-shop

Closely monitored

The website is connected to both Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel via Google Tag Manager extended with events for the store, along with several custom events for analyzing the behavior of store visitors.

API for a mobile app

Not only is the website tuned for all devices, but the web app also provides an API for both Android and iOS mobile apps.

Customized template

The HTML template was created pixel-perfectly according to the graphic design.


Jíme Zdravě

The company Jíme zdravě is one of the most famous Czech brands selling cookbooks. It has sold more than 120 thousand of them! Their cookbooks focus primarily on healthy eating, or they show how a well-known recipe can be modified so that it is not so fatty, calorie-dense, or a little healthier than its original version.

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