Why is it worthwhile to have an e-shop?

Already in 2016, the turnover of Czech e-shops touched the magical threshold of 100 billion CZK (20 billion more than the year before), and after the covid pandemic, this number increased even more sharply. It is therefore clear that people are increasingly using online solutions to make purchases.


What is our solution?

✅ Administration for managing the e-shop
✅ Content manager for website administration
✅ No limit on the number of products
✅ No limit on the number of users
✅ Possibility to connect with marketing tools (Google Analytics, Heureka, Google Ads, etc.)
✅ Payment gateway
✅ Connection to transport companies
✅ Product reviews
✅ API for mobile apps
✅ Data export
✅ Invoicing with Invoroid
✅ Customized features and graphics

How much does it cost to create an e-shop?

Ready-made solution

150 EUR monthly
Every other e-shop for 75 EUR

The solution is already ready, so you don't have to pay hundreds of thousands for its creation, but use an already functional product, which we are constantly improving. We offer the e-shop with no entry fees and even for the first month completely free!

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Customized solutions


Do you have a clear idea of what the e-shop should look like and what features it should have? Most likely, we will use a lot of functionalities that we already have and just add more to them, according to your specifications. This way you save money and still get the product you wanted.

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