90 000 to 120 000 CZK


Your job

  • You'll lead a team of people and allocate tasks in cooperation with the project manager.
  • In collaboration with the development team, you will design optimal technical solutions.
  • You will consult with the product manager on the business solution of the project.
  • You will be part of the development team and actively participate in product development.
  • Opportunity to participate in the creation of the company's own products.

What are our requirements?

  • Senior knowledge of Python (Django)
  • Intermediate knowledge of Vue.JS
  • Ability to analyze problems
  • Great communication skills
  • Knowledge of web application development
  • Proficiency in English
  • Full-time commitment

More information about the position

The position is suitable for experienced developers with several years of experience with web application development and those who want to move from an experienced developer to a leader. We strongly emphasize communication skills, which are essential for this position.

We work in reasonably air-conditioned offices 15 minutes from Prague. Remuneration by an hourly or fixed salary. Starting is possible immediately, but we are happy to wait until you finish what you have to do for your unfinished work.

Why Endevel?

  • Every member of the team has a say. You can participate in the development of the company and its direction.
  • We are developing our own product with a nationwide reach (international expansion is planned later). You can be a part of it and significantly influence its creation.
  • You don't have to struggle with Prague traffic. You can work from the comfort of your home or at our office in Kralupy nad Vltavou.
  • We are totally fine with flexible working hours.
  • After work, we are more than happy to have a beer.

Interested in the position?

Let us know!