About the project

For Twisto, we implemented an API solution based on the European Parliament's PSD2 directive. This directive must be complied with by all banking entities since 2018 when the directive came into force. The directive addresses the increased flexibility of the banking sector using third-party access during the contact between the bank and its customer.


They were the first to introduce "buy now, pay later" payments in the Czech Republic. Twisto is an online payment service with which you can buy goods immediately and pay for them in 14 days. In 2018, the company expanded into Poland and currently has over one million clients.


Co je PSD2?

PSD2 (Payment services directive 2) has revolutionized the world of online banking with these key points.

  1. Indirect Payment Order Granting Service - 3rd party allows customers to make payments from their account without direct access to their mobile banking.
  2. Payment account information service - 3rd party can provide an overview of the user's bank account, even if the user maintains them with different banks.
  3. Strong security - Due to the fact that information is provided to 3rd parties, a minimum of two-factor authentication is always required using, for example, a password and a genetic signature (fingerprint).

At the same time, PSD2 requires banks to make their customers' data available to third parties via an API (Application Programming Interface). This obligation means that banks that choose to be only in basic compliance with the requirements of PSD2 become passive intermediaries in providing these new services.

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