About iSophi

The iSophi projects are under the professional auspices of the STEP pedagogical-psychological counseling center. Together, they have created countless printed materials and games that can be used to diagnose children. The tools from the iSohpi workshop are especially popular in kindergartens - they are already used by one in eight kindergartens in the Czech Republic. This means that hundreds of nurseries across the country are using iSophi and its digital services to gain insight into children's skills, prepare learning activities, and communicate with parents.

About the project

On the project, we are responsible for the entire backend of the application from February 2022. Since then, in addition to the large backend parts, we have improved the diagnostics reports, made connections to the game applications, and prepared the system for the integration of the parent application.
In the future, the system will be expanded in multiple directions - more involvement of parents through their app and even tighter integration of educational games for children. Also, iSophi already has its sights set on going abroad, including a significant shift in the system architecture and for the demands on the technical infrastructure.

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