About the project

Fyzion is our own product. It is the only online solution for physiotherapists.
Until now, physiotherapists in the Czech Republic have not had a tailored solution to help them with their practice agenda. They write everything down in MS Excel applications or worse, on paper.
Online bookings are often handled through apps that can't meet their needs and aren't part of some unified product. So they have patient information in multiple places, which is quite inconvenient. After discovering these facts, we decided that the time for digitizing physiotherapy is now!

Highlights of the project

Unique solution

The application is a unique solution tailored to the target group. Everything is created in collaboration with physiotherapists and based on usability testing.

Customized graphics

All design was created in-house by our graphic designer. Thanks to custom graphics we can create functional UX solutions suitable for the target group.

Possibilities for cooperation

Physiotherapists have several options for collaboration. For the purpose of trying out the app, they can also use the package, which is completely free for an unlimited period of time.


First we had to contact physiotherapists to find out what the exact problem was. If there is no problem, there is no solution (application).
We then created a wireframe prototype, which we modified based on feedback from the physiotherapists.
When we had the app structure ready, we created a clickable design and visited the physiotherapists again. We used usability testing to check how the target group understood the product. After several meetings and countless design modifications, we decided that we were ready and could start development.

Need more information?

Visit the website of the application

Develomplment and tech stack

We try to divide development into as few phases as possible to eliminate risks and to create the most detailed assignments for developers. We have seen the truth of the saying "One hour spent on fixing the brief saves one day of development" several times. We are currently completing the first phase of six planned. Mainly planned are features based on feedback and later expansion abroad.
The application's backend runs on Python technology (Django Ninja framework). We decided to use Vue.js (Quasar framework) on the frontend. Our database is in PostgreSQL and the whole system is hosted on a Digital Ocean cloud solution. If we get an error in our application, we are immediately notified by Sentry.