Development of a web application

Modern technology and agile management processes are at the heart of our work. Thanks to this, we can quickly develop quality products.

What kind of software do we develop?

Online applications

Applications tailored to your business. Our systems and applications are online, robust, secure and modern yet fast and user-friendly. We have completed dozens of online projects.

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A quality website is an integral part of your business and your presentation. It is a modern and effective form of presentation in today's online world.

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Whether you want to create an e-shop with a few products or an international marketplace where hundreds of thousands of products are sold every day, we have a solution that fits your needs.

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Tech stack

We use modern, fast, and above all safe technologies. Just as commonly available technologies (kitchen appliances, cars, computers, etc.) are evolving, information technology follows suit. Consequently, IT products can also improve as a whole. That's why we strive to work with modern technologies and new frameworks and create quality solutions that will serve their purpose for many years after they are deployed in production.

Agile management processes

We take a purely agile approach to software development. In practice, this means that during development we are in constant contact with the client, who gives feedback on the progress of the new software. We always build the new software in a minimal value product (MVP) version first and present it to the target group. From their feedback, we get the necessary information for debugging the product. This process has several advantages such as saving money and correct targeting. In short, we build what the target group really needs.

We are not a corporation, so our processes are fast and flexible. The client doesn't wait for ten teams to comment regarding changing the color of a button.

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