Senators club STAN

We created a simple web presentation for czech political party STAN (Starostové a Nezávislí). Important was primarily emphasis on clarity and easy orientation among members of the STAN club. In addition, YouTube videos are automatically uploaded to the website. Website was created with CMS Wagtail, in which the client manages the editorial part of the website (news, media reports, etc.).

www.senat-stan.cz_(iPad) (1).png


This project brings revolutionary platform on czech field for arranging operating car leases 100% online. Users can choose from cars that are immediately available to them at the moment. They can then handle everything online, without a personal visit to a car showroom or bank. Website also provides access for dealers who can include their cars for immediate sale (rental) in the offer.


D8 Park Logistik

Web presentation, which offers storage space for rent. An interesting feature of the project is an interactive map of the area, which will immediately show you all the spaces and provide you with the necessary information. The project also includes a website for the company's second area Josefův Důl Industrial Complex.