Bigger projects

Twisto Openbanking

For Twisto, we have implemented an API solution based on the European Parliament's PSD2 directive.

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Stars reality

The application consists of a comprehensive real estate management system and the Stars Reality website, which contains its own real estate editing system.

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A system for managing the payment of financial compensation to patients who have participated in a medical study.

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The largest Czech (and Slovak) web portal for escape games.

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Smaller projects


Database of technologies, products, consultants, manufacturers and suppliers from the ICT market.

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Senátorský klub STAN

Website for czech political party Starostové a Nezávislí (Mayors and Independents).

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Creation of a CMS and backend part of a web portal for the multinational company Edenred.
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For the Jahodovka, we made both a classic web presentation and a web application, through which those interested can apply for individual courses.

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Jíme zdravě

The e-shop through which most cookbooks are sold in the whole Czech Republic. Více zde

Refugee Wines

E-shop offering Moldovan wines with a long tradition.

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Extensive e-shop built for the sale of fasteners.

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