How can we help you value the project?

The pricing of the project can differ in several orders of magnitude. One company will price a smaller web application for 25,000 CZK and the other company for 2.5 million CZK.

What's the difference?

The difference is in a lot of things, but in general it can be summarized by this ... "long-term sustainable quality".

  • Do you want a project for 100 visitors per day or 100,000 visitors per day ?
  • How long does it take to load any page on your site ? Is 10 sec enough or 1 sec is better ?
  • How many mistakes can you afford for your visitors to return ?
  • And how much think about security? How important is it for you ?
  • Do you want to make the project functional and scalable in the long term ?
  • Do you require 100% availability, technical support and quick customization when needed ?

The answers to these questions will determine how good a solution you need.


If you are small business, who sells 3 pieces of goods per month and you only have it as extra income, an e-shop for 10,000 CZK is enough for you.

If you are company like a.s. and your business is just about e-shop, then you need an e-shop for 50 million.

So if a.s. bought an e-shop for 10,000 CZK, it would go bankrupt. And also if a small business bought an e-shop for 50 million CZK , it would also go bankrupt.

The most important is to right choose the budget for the project.

We always try to value the project that way, how it makes sense from our point of view technologically, sustainably into the future and financially.