Answers to your most frequently asked questions

Endevel company specializes in the development of modern web applications and systems. We have experience in real estate, finance, ecommerce, automotive, public sector and more.

Our applications is suitable where business processes need to be automated or set up, access and work on common data or create online applications for end users.

For each project, we always need to know at least the basic information first. Based on this information, we create an approximate price to let the client know what numbers we are in. After that, when we agree with the client on a rough estimate, comes a deeper analysis comes, after which we are able to more accurately estimate the size of the project and thus its pricing. You can find more about pricing zde.

We develop the application on our own test server, which is available to you at any time, so you can check the progress of work and test the required functionality. We will be glad if you comment on the project during the work. Our goal is your satisfaction. Find out more about collaboration during development zde

We launch the website only after careful testing and your approval. Until you say, your current site is running unchanged. Switching to a new website is without a downtime.

In 99% of cases, the answer is yes. Nowadays, it is not a problem to program almost anything, mostly it is only a matter of time and money.

Each additional function that the client will want to add after the development finished the website is priced according to the current price list of Endevel s.r.o. It means that the client writes a request for the function, the project manager, together with the developer, price this request and sends the client an output that decides whether he wants the functionality or not. We consult with the client about all new functionalities and try to find a "win-win" solution.

After approving the price offer we make, we usually require a deposit of 10% - 30% of the total amount for the project. We want to be sure, that you take the project seriously. We invoice the rest of the amount after the project starts.

Yes, maintenance is an integral part of every web application. We automatically supply our basic maintenance package worth 990 CZK for each new project. The contents of this package protect your application getting old. We also deliver this package within the company's reputation. We want, that our websites will be to working after ten years and therefore we want to perform regular maintenance on them. Learn more about maintenance packages here.

Web presentation is basically the simplest website, which consists of html code, cascading style sheets (CSS) and JavaScript, which enrich it with various graphic effects. The purpose of such a website is most often to present a product or company and provide basic information to its customers or clients.
Web application basically works in the same way, but it is enriched with the various conversion actions that a user can perform on the site. Most often is the purchase of goods, logging in to your profile or product reviews. A web application can also be a private intranet that is not publicly available.